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About us

gb_concept is a contemporary brand that combines contemporary art and design with unique art techniques of creating textiles and high-tech approaches.  At the heart of the artistic method of the studio is the criticism of the traditional paradigms of visuality; research into the phenomenal relations between fashion and time; and, the potential ability of fashion to showcase and to challenge identity.

The founders of the studio, Gala and Evgeny Boikov, divide their time between Europe and Asia. Gala is a “cult” designer, a member of the ASEAN Fashion Week/Japan Executive Board of Directors and a participant in numerous international exhibitions and competitions. Evgeny Boikov is an artist, who has participated in the Singapore Biennale "If The World Changed" (2013), "At the Crossroads" in Sotheby`s, London (2013 and 2014), finalist of The Sovereign Asian Art Prize, Hong Kong (2012, 2020). The works of Evgeny were successfully sold at the auctions of Sotheby`s, London (2013 and 2014), Christie`s, Hong Kong (2012, 2020).

Evgeny and Galina Boikov have held exhibitions in London, Washington D.C., Hong-Kong, Singapore, Scotland, Italy, Germany, winning them a solid international reputation.

Our Team.

Gala Boikova


Tel: +7 929 6440310

Evgeny Boikov


Tel: +7 925 5963846

Slava Boikov


Tel: +7 965 1517072

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