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About us

A cult brand that works at the intersection of fashion, design, and contemporary art. Clothes from gb_concept are unique and recognizable. For gb_concept, fabric is already a value in itself. The creation of fabric turns into a game, an ironic performance that is captured by video footage. At the heart of the artistic method is a philosophy of everyday life, a critique of traditional paradigms of visuality.  Randomness and imperfection are cultivated and become the subject of observation and the theme of new works. Paintings, video works, art objects are a starting point, a source of inspiration for the creation of new collections of clothing. All samples from gb_concept are exclusive and one-of-a-kind. This limitation is part of the brand's policy, positioning for people who appreciate uniqueness and uncompromising, reserved emotionality and freedom. 

Brand founders Galina and Evgeny Boikov. Galina is a recognized internationally recognized designer, a member of the executive board of ASEAN Fashion Week / Japan, a participant of many international exhibitions and competitions. Evgeny Boikov is a finalist for the Sovereign Asian Art Prize, Hong Kong (2012 and 2020), took part in Sotheby's, London (2013 and 2014) and the Singapore Biennale "If The World Changed" (2013). Yevgeny's works are successfully sold at Sotheby`s and Christie`s auctions. Galina and Evgeny's exhibitions were held in the UK, the USA, Germany, Italy, Hong Kong, Singapore, and received wide international recognition.

Our Team.

Gala Boikova


Tel: +7 929 6440310

Evgeny Boikov


Tel: +7 925 5963846

Slava Boikov


Tel: +7 965 1517072

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