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Centrespace, DCA. Dundee, Scotland / DISRUPTIONS: Artistic Interventions in Public Space.
Curator: Sally Nikoline Cummings, University of St Andrews, UK

“CataClysms” is based on the occasionally found method of creating images with the help of the enema and acrylic paint and the impressions from the scandalous speech by Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev at the exhibition of the avant-garde artists at Manezh on 1 December 1962.  The picture is made with water on textile or silk; with the help of enema and the acrylic paint the picture becomes visible.  As a result, what appears is always a surprise for the artist and for the audience.  This is the act of painting, the act of painting that converts into a performance.

Concept and design: gb_concept

Photo: gb_concept and Ilinca Vanau, Scotland

Model: Anna Wallace Reid, Scotland

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